Kareb / Кариб (pedigree), импорт колли в России, import of collies to Russia

Import Collies / Импорт колли в России


pedigree: WE.844/349

born : 1980

sex : dog

colour : sable-white
owner : Borisova
address: Russia, Moscow
import: USA

Hoelz`s Rhett Butler

Hiland Lad Mor`s Highland Heather Mor`s Malcolm Seenmore
Mor`s Duffin Baten
Pinehust`s Highland Lass Pinehust`s Son of Venture
Pinehust`s Miss Goldie
Hiland Less Highacres Valiant Parader`s Countrys Quere
Highacres New Penny
Cudmore`s Flica Lee Inverardine`s Topas Prince
Franley`s Bonnie Lassie

Lady Sandy Kay

Lucky Georgy

Robert`s Rusty-II

Ling`s Little Land
Racllyn`s Princess Pania

Lassie Lee Deboer

Ling`s Little Land
Queen of Van`s Valley
Lady Jane Tehachapi Blaze of Alandale Lad
Raisen of Riverview Ranch
Peaches Rogette Parader`s Dakota Gambler
Raisen of Riverview Ranch

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